This week in Mendel we have been investigating and exploring new topics.


In English we have begun reading ‘The Diary of a Killer Cat’ by Anne Fine.

We’re loving reading about the cheeky cat, Tuffy! He gets up to all sorts of things!



In Maths this week we have been exploring the Cuisenaire resource. We began by playing with it and then began comparing the different rods. We worked in groups to start recording our findings algebraically (using symbols and signs in calculations!) E.g. Y = R + G means that one yellow rod is he same as on red one and one green one together.



In our afternoon lessons, we have started investigating HABITATS. We have learnt what habitats and have been considering what makes a habitat suitable for a particular animal. We know that for the perfect habitat, a living thing needs to have space, air, water, food and shelter. Here are some of us matching animals with appropriate habitats and discussing our answers with our partners.


Reading and Writing Champions:

Our writing champion this week is Jessica.

Jessica has been working on improving her preoof-reading skills. She is now able to spot AND correct mistakes more independently.

Our reading champion this week is Lakshmitha.

Lakshmitha has continued to read at home more regularly and is able to share her opinions about what she has read with others. She is also able to retell a story in increasing detail.