We created a poem!

This week in English we wrote a new verse to the poem ‘Lakenham Primary School’ by James Carter.

Welcome all to LPS, that’s Lakenham Primary School, oh yes!

A school of great diversity, from Key Stage 2 to Nursery

It’s ten years since we came to be- so it’s our ANNIVERSARY!!

Let’s celebrate this special time and rap it up in rhythm and rhyme

Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, come rap come clap come sing along!

Watch us run the mile, it makes us smile!

Look in Aristotle’s book corner (there’s a book!), let’s go take a look! Relax in the cozy nook!

We love paint and art, ask us about our cool maths charts!

We love our room, Stickman lives there, don’t be scared of the bear.

We love lunch because it is yummy, munch munch yummy in our tummies!


For talk homework ask us about how we added using number lines and 120 squares.