World Cup Fever!

This week in Mendel, We’ve been following England’s journey through their world cup matches and have enjoyed singing ‘Three Lions’ together! Although England’s world cup journey came to an end this week, we’re still really proud of everything they achieved and know that it’s OK to be a loser sometimes (that’s how we learn and improve!)



In English, we’ve been planning and creating a non-fiction text. Each of us used the internet to research how to look after either a cat, rabbit or dog and used this information to plan and write a real, fact-filled leaflet!



In Maths we have continued revisisiting our basic number facts and applying these in wider contexts. We had lots of fun becoming numbers in the playground, finding out number bond buddy and exploring all the different ways of making numbers!


In our afternoon lessons, we have enjoyed rehearsing our news programme performances about Deforestation and have even made our own props! We have also spent time talking about our favourite memories of Year 2 and will be adding our thoughts to the school’s last newsletter of the year!