Kingswood – Day 3

All up and we’ve had breakfast. Boys had to be woken up. Looking forward to our last few activities (see photos below) and then lunch and we’ll see you all at about half 2.

Kingswood – Day 2

Everyone has been to sleep! All asleep by 11.30! They enjoyed the first round of activities. Now off for breakfast and next lot of stuff.

Kingswood – Day 1 arrival and evening, Day 2 breakfast

Paper Aeroplane Competition 2018

Norfolk Welcomes Day


On Friday 20th April, Lakenham Primary School will be taking part in Norfolk Welcomes, a day of action in schools across the county celebrating and exploring the many contributions that people seeking sanctuary have made to Norfolk.

Norfolk has a long and rich history as a place of sanctuary and refugee communities have contributed enormously to our shared culture and heritage. One focus for Norfolk Welcomes this year is football. Pupils across the county will discover how refugees have made a mark on the beautiful game locally.

Norwich City FC are supporting the event in recognition that the club’s emblem and nickname ‘The Canaries’ is a legacy of refugee migration into Norfolk.

Football is a great way for people from different backgrounds, speaking different languages, to come together in friendship, and in that spirit we are proud to be joining the many other schools across Norfolk taking part in this event.

We will be holding a non-uniform day on Friday and pupils are welcome to wear either a football strip or green and yellow, and make a suggested donation of £1. All the money donated will go towards New Routes, to provide short-term financial support to refugees and asylum seekers, and Welcome Wheels, a project which aims to provide recycled second-hand bikes and training to refugees in Norwich.

To find out more please visit

Summer 1 Newsletter

Summer Term 1 newsletter

23.02.18 & 09.03.18

We have been learning about the history of the circus to celebrate 250 years of the circus. We are looking closely into the life of Pablo Fanque. We have been looking at the circus posters they used to advertise the circus coming to your town or city, these were called bills. We are going to The Forum on Monday to look at the original versions of these too! Eventually, we are going to be designing our own flags with images on the circus from the 19th century which we will be showing off at The Lord Mayor’s Procession in the summer.


We completed an experiment to see which conditions mould grows best in. Some of us put the bread in dry, warm spots or wet warm spots. We also experimented with whether light and dark made a difference to the growth of mould.



On the 8th Feb we had our big egg drop! Some of our designs were effective enough at protecting our egg that they made it in to the final!


Year 6 Newsletter

Spring 2 Newsletter

James Carter poetry 02.02.18

Meerkat Haiku

Small black button nose,

Creeping over desert hills,

Looking left and right


Dolphin Haiku

Fins swishing, swaying,

Swimming into moonlit depth,

Small black button eyes


Boasts and Lies


I am the goddess of life and death,


That is my name,

I have witnessed happiness and grief,

The birth of Jesus,

The death of Kings and Queens,

I was here when the first dinosaur walked the earth,

I was the cause of big bang,

I am the blood in your body,

I run through your veins,

I was there at your birth,

Everytime your heartbeats,

I dance,

I was a saxon warrior,

I was a soldier in the trenches in WWI,

A bomber pilot in WWII,

I have caused death,

Senami is my name,

I have been a greek slave,

In my hands is your heart and your brain,

I control you,

I am power,

I am a goddess,

The sand that formed the desert,

The bricks that built the great wall of china,

The ice that grips Antartica’s soul,

The rain that falls on the dusty earth,

I am the sun and moon that you see every night and day,

I spin the earth around the sun,

I have seen life on all of the planets,

Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury,

You see me in your sleep,

I am your nightmares,

I am the shadow that hunts you in your sleep,

I am your dreams,

I am the one that guides you through the night,


That is my name,

The goddess of life and death.

Green Britain Centre


Year 6 went to the Green Britain Centre in Swaffham today. We learnt lots about the importance of renewable energy and how best to reduce our waste. We took part in three different activities. We were the first ones to climb the wind turbine (all 305 steps up!) the viewing point stands at 65m high! We all made it, even though some of us were a bit scared, we all managed to do it with some teamwork and support of others.

We then got to have a look around the Centre’s gardens. We saw there orchard which had tens of different types of apple trees growing – we tried to remember all of their names – our top score was 5! We got to see the composting, mini-ponds, insect hotels, vegetables growing which are used in the cafe and lots of other amazing things.

Finally, we got to make our own wind turbines. We had to investigate what makes the best wind turbine in terms of how many blades they have and the direction of the blades.