World Cup Fever!

This week in Mendel, We’ve been following England’s journey through their world cup matches and have enjoyed singing ‘Three Lions’ together! Although England’s world cup journey came to an end this week, we’re still really proud of everything they achieved and know that it’s OK to be a loser sometimes (that’s how we learn and improve!)



In English, we’ve been planning and creating a non-fiction text. Each of us used the internet to research how to look after either a cat, rabbit or dog and used this information to plan and write a real, fact-filled leaflet!



In Maths we have continued revisisiting our basic number facts and applying these in wider contexts. We had lots of fun becoming numbers in the playground, finding out number bond buddy and exploring all the different ways of making numbers!


In our afternoon lessons, we have enjoyed rehearsing our news programme performances about Deforestation and have even made our own props! We have also spent time talking about our favourite memories of Year 2 and will be adding our thoughts to the school’s last newsletter of the year!


Crazy cats!

This week we’ve been busy improving our work and performing to friends!


In English this week, we have been improving our substituted stories. We peer and self assessed our writing, set ourselves targets and used these to help focus our rewrites. Lots of us worked on making our handwriting more neat and clear, using more interesting adjectives and adding a wider range of conjunctions.


In Maths we have been recalling and applying our basic Maths skills, including number bonds, addition and subtraction. We want to make sure that our mathematical foundations are secure so that we are ready to build on them in Year 3.

Our class decided that this week, Martynas was our Maths Hero! He independently used his beadstring and numberline to solve a range of tricky subtraction calculations. Well done, Martynas!


In our Topic lessons, we have been researching Deforestation and have begun writing scripts for our own news reports on the subject. Watch this space!…


After weeks of preparing, this week we performed our final cat-inspired movement pieces to Aristotle class.

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Thank you, Aristotle for being such a wonderful audience! We could tell you had been watching carefully as you were able to recreate some of the cat movements you’d seen!

Reading and Writing Champions:

Our Reading Champion this week is Maya.

Maya has been reading much more regularly and has been challenging herself by reading books outside her favourite genre and level.

Our Writing Champion this week is Nessa.

This week, Nessa did a great job at responding to feedback and levelling up a paragraph of her substituted story.


Building our own Habitat Dioramas!


In English this week we have finished reading the book “The Diary of a Killer Cat” and begun planning and writing the story with our own substitutions (changes).


In Maths we have continued exploring different resources to help us solve problems and to check our answers. We have improved our ability at evaluating which resources are most appropriate for which problems and why.


In topic, we loved finishing the building of our Habitat Dioramas for domestic and wild cats, having planned them in previous lessons.

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In PE we have been rehearsing our cat inspired movement pieces, ready to perform them to our friends in Year 1 next week.

Reading and Writing Champions:

Our writing champion this week is Mae!

Mae always tries her hardest in English and this week, really improved her proof-reading and editing skills.

Our reading champion this week is Farhan!

Farhan has read a record number of times this week and has been working really hard at adding detail from the text to his answers.

Sports, Debates and Bead Strings!


This week in Mendel, we had a class debate about whether we thought that Tuffy really was a ‘Killer Cat’ or if he was simply following his natural instincts. The pictures show each side preparing for the debate. Every person in Mendel had a chance to share their views and used persuasive language to try and convince others that they were right!


In Maths we have been revising the best way to use a range of concrete resources to help us. We had fun using the beadstrings when revising partitioning and used Dienes to play a game which helps us improve our exchanging skills.



On Thursday, we had a jam-packed day of full of fun sports and activities and ending with our Sports Day races in front of our families and friends. We had a fantastic time and hope our spectators did too! (Although Mrs Dorras is still recovering form the teachers’ race!)

A big THANK YOU again for all those who came to watch – AND RACE!

Reading and Writing Champions:

Our Writing Champion this week is Nessa.

This week, Nessa wrote a persuasive letter which included interesting vocabulary, a range of punctuation and apostrophes to show contraction!

Our Reading Champion this week is Chetan.

Chetan has continued reading lots at home and has been working really hard on developing his answers to ‘look’, ‘clue’ and ‘think’ questions by adding more detail!

Puzzle Party and Paper Planes!

It’s been another busy, fun-filled week in Mendel!


In Maths this week, we loved having some of our parents and carers come to join in with our Puzzle Party!

We showed the adults how to play our two favourite dice games. These games help us practise Maths skills like adding, counting on and doubling.

We’d like to say a bog THANK YOU to everyone who came and helped make it so fun!


We also had the excitement of the school’s PAPER AEROPLANE COMPETITION!

We loved making and decorating our plaes before throwing them from the atrium balcony to see which one went the furthest. In the afternoon, the winner from each class took part in a grand final!

AND as if that wasn’t exciting enough, the KS1 winner was our classmate – CHARLIE!

(Our finger crossing must have worked!)



In English this week, we have continued reading our book, ‘The Diary of a Killer Cat’.

We have started to look at the events from a different character’s point of view and planned and wrote a diary entry as if we were them.


Reading and Writing Champions:

Our reading champion this week is Lacey-May.

Lacey has continued reading regularly outside school and has been working on improving her comprehension by answering questions in greater detail.

Our writing champion this week is Freddy.

Freddy has tried hard to improve the presentation of her work. She has also begun proof-reading her writing and is able to identify and correct many mistakes independently.

Keep up the great work! 🙂


This week in Mendel we have been investigating and exploring new topics.


In English we have begun reading ‘The Diary of a Killer Cat’ by Anne Fine.

We’re loving reading about the cheeky cat, Tuffy! He gets up to all sorts of things!



In Maths this week we have been exploring the Cuisenaire resource. We began by playing with it and then began comparing the different rods. We worked in groups to start recording our findings algebraically (using symbols and signs in calculations!) E.g. Y = R + G means that one yellow rod is he same as on red one and one green one together.



In our afternoon lessons, we have started investigating HABITATS. We have learnt what habitats and have been considering what makes a habitat suitable for a particular animal. We know that for the perfect habitat, a living thing needs to have space, air, water, food and shelter. Here are some of us matching animals with appropriate habitats and discussing our answers with our partners.


Reading and Writing Champions:

Our writing champion this week is Jessica.

Jessica has been working on improving her preoof-reading skills. She is now able to spot AND correct mistakes more independently.

Our reading champion this week is Lakshmitha.

Lakshmitha has continued to read at home more regularly and is able to share her opinions about what she has read with others. She is also able to retell a story in increasing detail.

Paper Aeroplane Competition 2018

Last week fun!

After completing the last of our SATs test this week, Mendel had one job…


After reading the book ‘Iggy Peck Architect’, we were inspired to design and build our own impressive structures! All of Mendel and Peake took part in a Junk Modelling competition and voted for one group to win the Junk Trophy!

Here’s how we got on…


And the finished structures…

And the winners are…

What great team work and what AMAZING structures! Really, everyone was a winner! 🙂


And we still had time for some work this week. In Science we looked at how the seeds we’d planted had developed and recorded our findings in diagrams and writing.

Reading and Writing Champions:

Our writing champion this week is Katy.

Katy has been working really hard at proof-reading her work to check that it makes sense!

Our reading champion this week is Farhan.

Farhan has been reading even more at home and has improved his ability at answering questions about the texts he has read.


Enjoy the well-earned half term, Mendel class! 🙂

What a display!

This week in Mendel we have been busy producing work for our Year 2 Display board. Having learnt about the artist Vincent Van Gogh, we decided to try and recreate one of his most famous works to make our display eye-catching and colourful. To prepare for our final display pieces, we first experimented with applying Van Gogh’s technique of using short lines to create shapes and textures. When we felt confident using this method, we each created our own version of his painting, ‘Starry Night’.


In English this week, we have been writing our substituted versions of the story ‘A Child’s Garden’ in full, using the plans we created last week. Through re-reading, editing and re-writing our work, we have improved the quality and quantity of our writing. We have specifically focused on using a wider range of openers and conjunctions, improving our spelling and ensuring our handwriting is as neat and clear as it can be.


In Maths we have been revising a range of topics to ensure we are able to apply our mathematical skills in a range of different contexts. For example, making sure that we can draw on our understanding of multiplication to solve both simple arithmetic calculations as well as word problems.

Reading and Writing Champions:

Our writing champion this week is Andrew.

Andrew has improved both the quantity and quality of his work by staying focused and writing more quickly whilst still keeping his handwriting neat.

Our reading champion this week is Lakshmitha.

Lakshmitha has increased the amount of reading she does at home and has become a much more fluent reader.

Refining our skills.

This week in Mendel we have continued to recap previous learning to ensure our understanding of methods and concepts is secure.



In Maths we have been using the inverse to check calculations. We loved being mini-teachers and checking a range of answers. For example:

23 + 14 = 36     We were able to show that this answer was incorrect by using the inverse: 36 – 14 = 22.



In English we have begun drafting a substituted version of our key text, ‘A Childs Garden’. We have planned our own versions of the story by using text maps and boxed-up templates, changing details such as who the main character is or what they grow.


Reading and Writing Champions:

Our writing champion this week is Maddie.

Maddie has improved her writing by using a wider range of conjunctions, organising her work in paragraphs AND making her handwriting neater and clearer!


Our reading champion this week is Martynas.

Martynas has increased the amount of reading he does at home and his blending has greatly improved. He is proof that more you practise at something, the better you get at it!


Great Team Work!

This week in Mendel, we have been focusing on improving our teamwork skills, including using kind words, being patient and helping each other. We have also improved our communication skills by explaining our answers and asking for help when we are stuck.


In Maths, we have been looking at different ways of approaching a range of SATs style questions.

We have all improved our ability to select an appropriate method to solve a problem and use a different method to check our answers!



In English we have been refining our writing by redrafting and editing our work. We are getting much better at identifying what we have done well and setting targets for ourselves.



In topic we have continued looking at ‘Plants’ and even planted our own seeds! After this, we then created a text map for instructions on how to plant a seed, ready for us to write a full set of detailed instructions next week.

Crazy about Costumes!

This week in Mendel we had a very special visit from artist, Melanie. She came to help us create circus horse inspired costumes for the upcoming Lord Mayor’s Procession!

Our printed t-shirts and vibrant headdresses will look amazing at the celebration!



In English this week, we have continued reading the book ‘A Child’s Garden’. We looked at the descriptive language used in the text and thought of our own to create a detailed setting description. To help give our writing the ‘WOW’ factor, we have been using phase 6 suffix words (words ending in -ful, -ly, -ness, -ment and -less).



In Maths we have been revising Time, including reading and showing times as analogue, digital and in words.


Reading and Writing Champions:

Our Writing Champion this week is Chetan.

Chetan has worked incredibly hard at improving his handwriting. His ascenders are now clearly taller and his descenders sit on and below the line appropriately.

Our Reading Champion this week is Saanvi.

Saanvi read more than anybody else this week and made sure to read a range of different texts.


Just to let you know:

Our P.E. days continue to be Thursday and Friday. Please make sure children’s P.E. kits are in school on these days. Lessons now take place outside unless it is raining.