Christmas Concert at St Marks

Christmas Concert at St Marks from Lakenham Primary on Vimeo.

We’re going on a bear hunt.

This week we read a story about a family who went on a bear hunt then we received special letters from Benjamin and Beatrice Bear who were hiding  in our Nursery  garden.  We went on a bear hunt and chanted the language from the story. “We’re going on a bear hunt. We’re going to carry a big one. What a beautiful day!  We’re not scared.” We were very excited to find them and now the teddy bears have come to live with us in Nursery. We are going to take turns at bringing them home.


Well, we’re now back and getting into that learning groove.

We’ve been thinking about numbers with 4 digits, rounding them and comparing them.

We’ve used our new class literacy book: ‘Leon and the Place Between’ to inspire some impressive first week writing (check out our goalscorers!)

We’ve been asking and answering questions about electricity and looking at early electronic appliances.

Plus, we found time to get a little Matisse-inspired collage in…img_20160909_1415512241 img_20160909_1415187971 img_20160909_1415092441 img_20160909_1414126711img_20160909_1416439911 img_20160909_1417128781 img_20160911_0946142842

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First Week At Nursery.

We have had an exciting time exploring and making new friends


Year 6 Debate 07.09.16

To kick off our WW2 topic this term, we held a debate to discuss the motion that children should have been evacuated during the war. The opposition were strong and had done their research, but in the end the proposition won, and it was agreed that evacuating children was the right thing to do.


To introduce our new topic the children in year 3 had great fun investigating forces while playing a game of Tug-of-War! After the contest we discussed how gravity and friction were acting upon them as they took part.

I wonder what would happen if we played the game on the moon?


Lord Mayor Celebration

Lord Mayor Celebration from Lakenham Primary on Vimeo.

The Rainbow Serpent Puppet Show

The Rainbow Serpent 1 from Lakenham Primary on Vimeo.

The Rainbow Serpent 2 from Lakenham Primary on Vimeo.

The Rainbow Serpent 3 from Lakenham Primary on Vimeo.

The Rainbow Serpent 4 from Lakenham Primary on Vimeo.


Year 3/4 performance of Porridge from Lakenham Primary on Vimeo.

Early years reading cafe

This has been a very busy week for foundation stage! We held our first ever reading cafe about the gingerbread man. It was lovely to see so many parents come and join us.

Early Years Reading Cafe

Gingerbread Man from Lakenham Primary on Vimeo.

The Gingerbread Man.

This week we have read the story of The Gingerbread Man. 

We used a recipe to bake delicious Gingerbread Men and learnt how to measure the ingredients.

We counted the raisins for his eyes, nose, mouth and buttons.

We talked about the changes we observed . The butter was cold and hard then it became hot and runny when we cooked it .

We were very relieved that  our Gingerbread Men didn’t jump out of  the oven and  escape.