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Lakenham Primary and Nursery School





Staff at Lakenham Primary and Nursery School understand that to achieve the very best for all the children in school we need to work together. Staff and children supported by their parents and carers can achieve more together than by working alone.



“We fail our children miserably if we assume that school can do everything.”

[John Abbott – President of C21st Learning Initiative]



Our Code of Conduct


At Lakenham Primary and Nursery School, everyone will


Try their best

Do their best

Be their best


at all times.


To support us all in living up to our expectations of excellence, each class establishes key values they hold dear including:











School documents and policies are available via our website:


Lakenham Primary School and Nursery Primary is a place where we aim to inspire each individual with a love of learning, enabling everyone to achieve their potential and be proud of their success. Each individual is valued and respected and we care for ourselves, other people and our environment.

Each individual is valued and respected, embracing their diversity.

We recognise our responsibilities to each other and to our global neighbours.

Children experience and create awe and wonder through understanding of the natural and cultural world, appreciating that while only one species among many, our actions affect the whole future of our planet.

Learning takes place both inside and especially outside the classroom.

The school vision statement is:








As staff, we will support children in achieving their best and enjoying school by:


  • Setting and expecting high standards of learning and behaviour;
  • Working to achieve the aims and vision for the school;
  •  Following the code of conduct, including the code of conduct with the use of IT;
  • Treating all children fairly and equally;
  • Planning a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum that develops the talents and aspirations of the whole child and of all children;
  • Planning enjoyable and interesting learning sessions which enable all to succeed;
  • Listening to the views of children, parents, carers and the wider community;
  •  Working with staff to maintain high standards and a philosophy of continuous improvement;
  • Monitoring our performance and targeting improvement.
  • Ensuring that the children can enjoy, aspire and achieve.
  • To establish and maintain an outstanding school environment.



I/we support the learning and education of our/my child and the work of the school by:


  • Supporting my child with his/her learning and encouraging him/her to try new activities;
  • Supporting home learning by providing a quiet place, interest and encouragement;
  • Ensuring he/she comes to school well rested and well fed;
  • Supporting the school ethos, policies and procedures;
  • Sharing reading by reading with and to my child daily;
  • Ensuring my child brings the correct equipment to school;
  • Keeping the school informed of things that may affect my child’s learning;
  • Working with the school for the benefit of my child;
  • Ensuring he/she attends school on time each day;
  • Supporting the school with decisions that have been made with justification and following school procedures.




I share responsibility for my own success in school alongside my teachers and parents by:


  • Always trying my best, doing my best and being my best.
  • Following the school code of conduct, the class values and the use of IT code of conduct;
  • Taking care of school equipment, inside and outside;
  • Letting other people work without disrupting their learning;
  •  Listening to my teacher, other adults and classmates;
  • Contributing in class, sharing and working with other children;
  • Asking for help when I need it;
  • Reading at home daily;
  • Completing any home learning to the best of my ability;
  • Taking care of my own belongings;
  • Tidying up after myself;
  • Taking information home.
  • Being kind, responsible and safe.




By accepting and taking up a place at Lakenham Primary School and Nursery we expect all parents, carers & children to support this agreement and all our other school policies.