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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Funding

The government believes that the pupil premium funding which is additional to the main school finding is the best to way to ensure the all children are able to make good progress and tackle disadvantage. 

This ensures that the school is able to target resources where they are needed most to address inequalities.

It is for schools to decide how to spend the pupil premium funding they receive.  At Lakenham Primary School we use the funding we receive to purchase additional resources and to address both the academic and pastoral needs of  our children to ensure they make good progress and achieve well.

Lakenham Primary School – The Impact of Pupil Premium

Our OFSTED report in September 2013 identified that pupils for whom the school receive pupil premium funding make good progress and the gap between their attainment and that of their classmates is narrowing in Maths and Writing. 

The funding has been used well to give adults additional training to support eligible pupils.  The school promotes equality of opportunity in learning by providing pupils with extra help in lessons, in small groups or individually as required.

In 2013 -2014 Lakenham Primary School received £145,809 in Pupil Premium Funding.

We used our funding  in the following ways:

  • Appointment of Numeracy champion to support pupils in the teaching and learning of Numeracy across the school.
  • The provision of Pastoral support advisors to address emotional and social needs of pupils
  • Additional TA support and intervention including letters and sounds, Big Maths,
  • Provision of Speech and Language teaching assistant and training for the role
  • Additional TA support in Nursery to enable us to address the low attainment identified on entry.

Although results for pupils at the end of Year 6 did not demonstrate the improvements we had expected as a result of the additional support an intervention provided.  The school is able to demonstrate that there has been a significant improvement in the progress made by pupils across all other age ranges and the percentage of pupils working at age related expectations increased.

In 2014-2015, Lakenham Primary School received £211.000 in pupil premium funding. 

We have targeted our funding in the following ways:

  • The opening of two additional classes to ensure that in Years 3, 4 and 5 class sizes are between 20 and 22 pupils.
  • We have provided the opportunity for all children in Key stage 2 to learn a musical instrument after school
  • We have provided an additional teaching assistant in our early years to address the low attainment on entry
  • The provision of Pastoral Support Advisors to address emotional and social needs of pupils
  • Additional Teaching Assistant support and intervention including letters and sounds, Big Maths interventions and Grammar Hammer
  • The provision of two Teaching Assistants to provide and deliver specific speech and language programmes
  • The purchase of ICT equipment to enable the delivery of specific interventions and support

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