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Lakenham Primary and Nursery School


On World Maths Day year 5 enjoyed creating 'YouTube style' tutorial videos to demonstrate how to solve problems using their choice of calculation (+, -, x or ÷).  Children had to think about using key mathematical vocabulary and they were given bonus points for showing misconceptions and the inverse.  They were also offered the freedom to use or create their own resources. Hope you enjoy watching their final demonstrations. 



Year 5 are walking to Hewett Academy regularly for Music sessions.

They learnt about orchestras, had a go at conducting and began exploring their singing voices. The Hewett staff were bowled over by the children's impressive knowledge and even said they knew more about music than some of the high school students!

As usual, all the Year 5s made their teachers and helpers exceptionally proud as they were respectful and safe at all times during the outing.

These sessions will continue fortnightly until the Easter break and the children are really looking forward to developing their musical skills even more each week.




The 6 videos below are of 5L demonstrating the process of subtraction using Diennes and the column method.