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Fundraising help needed, as we bring to your attention some significant challenges we are facing as a school in relation to our budget. We have up till the 24/25 school financial year have been able to keep financially stable and watched as other school around us were having financial problems. Over the next couple of years, the financial constraints and budgetary position for all school, including ours, is going to prove to be very difficult.

Externally inflation and increased costs, coupled with budgetary constraints has meant a significant real term cut in the school budget. This means we don’t have any slack left at all! A couple of us are doing work externally to help supplement our school budget. However, even with this extra money, I still can’t make the budget balance without changes.

What can you do to help:·

* Please make sure that any books or resources from school are returned to the library

* Make sure when children are going on educational visits, that you pay for your child. In the future, if visits aren't financially viable, they will be sadly cancelled.

* We have set up a Go Fund Met page to help towards the transport costs of any educational visits.

Go Fund Me - Transport Costs



* We will be asking families if they have resources before we do orders – please help where you can.

* Resources we always need

  • OPAL (Outdoor Play And Learning) resources  - large wooden reels, fire hoses, crates, matchbox cars, dressing up clothes, bikes & if possible time for someone to help fix the bikes, wheeled objects to use in the wheeled object area including suitcases, prams, den making equipment, plants for our growing spaces - seedlings for things we can eat in the dinner hall (to be grown throughout the year), tyres (please ask how many we need),

* We will be setting us an Amazon wish list for items we would love, but can’t afford. You might like to buy some of these or know someone who might be able to purchase some of these for school.


* Helping towards buying books for the library and classes

Support your School - Peters Books




* Helping towards buying more musical instruments.

* Keep an eye out for any grants or if your employer has fund available to support schools, we would be very grateful for any information in relation to this, particularly around match funding.

Where you can support the Friends of Lakenham, please do!

* Are you able to come into school to hear readers? We won't have the same level of TA support moving forward, so will need help with hearing individual children read. Please talk to Miss Hart if you can.

I have been a headteacher for over 14 years and budgets have never been this challenging! Thank you all for your continued support of our fantastic school.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Cassandra Williams


City Road, Norwich, NR12HL

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