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MFL Phonics

To teach French phonics across KS2, we use Physical French Phonics. This system helps children to learn in both a visual, audio and kinaesthetic way, linking the sounds with things that they are familiar with and incorporating actions. 

Each year group will look at the following 26 phonemes with the associated graphemes across the year: 

A phoneme will be introduced as part of a topic in each year group, linking to the vocabulary that they are learning. 

For example:

/a/ will be introduced for the first time in Year 3's Greetings and Introductions topic through words like 'salut', 'ça va' and 'à bien tôt'. It will then be recapped when relevant across the year. 

Year 4 will be reminded of it in Body Parts with words like 'bras'; Year 5 in Clothes with words like 'cravate'; Year 6 in Hobbies with words like 'ami'. 


By introducing the sounds like this across the year in Year 3 with continual reminders throughout KS2, it is hoped that the children will become familiar with the sounds of the language and be able to apply it confidently across the skills.