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Lakenham Primary and Nursery School

Cultural & Ethical Values

We believe that these are key aspects in the preparation of children for their lives now, and in the future as adults. It is hoped that the ethos of the school, which emphasizes a caring and considerate attitude, develops respect for individuals and values the achievement of everyone.  We aim to encourage attitudes which enable children to make a positive contribution to, and live harmoniously with, others in the community.

In Health Education the aim is to provide opportunities for children to increase their understanding about their bodies and how they work.  The children learn about hygiene, diet, how to keep fit, the use/misuse of drugs, what it means to keep healthy, factors which promote this and about their personal responsibility to achieving this.

 Sex and Relationships Education is handled in a sensitive but factual manner. The content of discussion obviously depends upon the age group of the children, and takes place within a context where the children have the confidence to ask about any aspect of adult life. Children’s questions are dealt with in an honest, sensitive and open manner.