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Physical Education

Our children do really well in Physical Education as we believe that PE and games are an integral part of a child’s development. We provide a well-balanced programme of physical education through gymnastics, games, dance, athletics, outdoor and adventurous activities (including residential trips) and swimming. Throughout the year, the children have access to competition through the Norwich Schools Sports Partnerships.

This area of the curriculum fosters a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle, promotes co-ordination and body control, and participating in all physical education activities helps children to develop self-esteem and interpersonal skills.

Our children are able to compete in sports from a young age, and the school regularly makes county finals. However, the children are always taught it isn’t just about winning, but also showing that they can show perseverance, co-operation, humility and determination.

Exemption from PE and swimming lessons is only permissible on medical grounds that have been discussed with the school’s senior leaders. Children are expected to be dressed appropriately for PE, especially in winter where dark-coloured (preferably black) tracksuit trousers are to be worn.

During the COVID-19 changes, children will be undertaking PE outdoors as much as possible. All children will need a set of shoes for PE to be in school and on PE days to come into school in their PE kits.



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Sports Premium

Sports Premium COVID-19 Update:

The 2019-2020 academic year has been dominated by the outbreak of COVID-19 and its resulting effect on schools, children’s attendance and activities that have been able to take place at school. Lakenham Primary School, similar to all schools in the UK, closed to the majority of children at the end of March when the country went into lockdown. For the rest of the academic year, the school was open for small groups of children at a time: key workers’ children, vulnerable children and small class groups and a highly revised curriculum was delivered at school and online for those children learning from home.


As a result, only 2/3 of the planned curriculum for 2019-2020 was delivered and activities/events experienced by the children. This also meant that the ability of the school to implement many of the actions and strategies outlined in the sports premium strategy for 2019-2020 was profoundly impacted and we are unable to report on the outcome of some activities which remained incomplete. As such, some of the aims and strategies in our sports premium plan and PE action plan for 2020-2021 will continue those started in 2019-2020.