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Lakenham Primary and Nursery School

School development priorities

School development prioities January 2019 to July 2020

  • Objective 1
  • Behaviour & attitudes

    To further improve behaviours for learning across the school, including identified vulnerable groups.

    To further improve attendance, particularly reduce Persistent Absence, including reducing the numbers of term time holidays.

  • Personal Development

    To ensure that pupils to have high aspirations for themselves and understand where they fit into the world, the difference they can make and how we can be our best.

  • Objective 2
  • Quality of Education

    To further embed the child led curriculum, through quality interaction, environments and learning sequences which have the highest expectations for the children.

  • Objective 3
  • Outcomes

    To ensure the foundations that have been put in place, further support the raising of standards across the curriculum so that all children achieve and make good and better progress which meets the school’s high expectations of all learners from their own starting points, including for those children who attend Lakenham for short periods of time while their parents are on short term contracts from overseas.

  • Outcome 4
  • Leadership

    To ensure that Leaders at all levels demonstrate a deep & accurate understanding of the school’s effectiveness, informed by the views of pupils, parents and staff.  Leaders utilise this knowledge to keep the school improving, by focusing on the impact of actions in key areas.

  • Objective 5
  • EYFS

    To ensure that the enhanced provision with EYFS enables the pupils to make strong progress from their starting points.