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Lakenham Primary and Nursery School

Helping your child at home

The best way to help and support your child at school is to give them your love and encouragement. Your time and interest in what your child does at school is very important and shows your child that you care about their learning. Sharing a book together is a good way of encouraging your child to read and we ask parents to try and spend 15 minutes a day reading to, or with, their children. Learning songs and rhymes off by heart will help to develop your child’s memory and language. Children enjoy playing games and this helps them to learn how to count, how to share and also how to cope with winning and losing.


We hold regular parent events and workshops to support parents in helping their child with learning at home, with themes such as phonics, reading, maths, writing, safeguarding and E-Safety. Also look out for information in the weekly newsletter about the areas of the curriculum the children have been learning.