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 Lakenham Way

TYear 2 investigated Lakenham Way and its importance to the local area where we live. We began by thinking about what we know about it and generating lots of questions about things to find out. We want to investigate a wide range of areas such as the animals and plants that can be found along it, its purpose, its History and its Geography.  One morning the year group walked the whole length of Lakenham Way and although we answered some of our questions, such as where does it start and end? (Sandy Lane and at Queens Road Sainsbury), how many bridges are there? (there are 5) and why was it originally built (as a railway line), we found we now have even more questions to inquire. We would like to know why there are walls on one side and banks on another, we would like to know which particular animals can be found there, we would like to know why your voices echo under the bridges (which is what we are investigating in the photo). What a busy half term that had answering them!

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