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Lakenham Primary and Nursery School






 Welcome to 5M! Meet the team:

Miss McGowan teaches Monday mornings and Tuesdays.

Miss Harbord teaches Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Miss Halbritter is our LSA.

On Monday afternoons, the children have Mr Downes (LOTC) and Miss Howes (P.E).

Music - Fridays
Children do not need any additional resources for this session.

Learning outside the classroom (LOTC) - Monday afternoon
This is a learning outside the classroom session, or 'nature school'.

Children will wear their P.E. kits for this lesson, but will need their wellies/outdoor shoes and waterproofs/coat depending on the weather.

P.E. - Monday
This will either be in the hall or an outdoor session.
Children will need to come into school wearing a P.E. kit.

*This may include a hoodie, tracksuit bottoms and trainers.

Swimming - Wednesdays

This is at a local pool at Hewett School.
Children need to bring a swimming costume, towel, swimming hat and goggles (if preferred).


We will visit the library frequently to change and choose reading books.Our reading is logged on BoomReader.


What have we been learning in 5M?


Summer Term 2

To use the word 'busy' again... we have had a really BUSY final half term so far! We have been evacuated to the Time and Tide museum to help us learn more about World War 2 in our region...

Year 5 Evacuee Trip

 We were lucky enough to be invited to the Norfolk Snowsports Club to try snowboarding, skiing and tubing!!

We've had sports week...

Summer Term 1

We have had a very busy first week back at school. On Tuesday we went swimming for the first time, which was brilliant! The children were a credit to us, walking there and back safely and being polite and courteous to members of the public and the instructors at the pool.

22nd April was Earth Day, so this week we have used our scientific knowledge of forces to design and construct something to help us transport produce across our islands: this was part of our DT learning. We had to use sustainable or recycled materials, and use only renewable energy.

After half term

We have started our learning about Forces in science: so far we have learned about friction and air resistance.

Week 4! We had a maths enrichment morning, which was great fun and all the children were so involved in learning lots of space-themed maths.

We've also carried on with our collage unit. This time inspired by Edina Picco, who is going to collaborate with us on our next step!

In LOTC (learning outside the classroom), we made kindling bundles and learned how to safely light our own fires.

It's 2023 and we have been back at school for just 3 weeks... but we've been so busy.

In maths we've been learning all about fractions.

We've continued our learning about the Greeks, and have looked at the far-reaching influence of Ancient Greece by focusing on architecture.

We had a fantastic Science day, where we made and tested our own air-powered rockets.

In art, we have started our collage project. We started with an image marketplace where we could trade different postcards and images to then create our own, inspired by artist Sean Hillen. How amazing are they?


As part of our learning about mountains, we recently complete a snow sports writing unit! We have published leaflets about our resorts, including maps and lots of information. 

Snowsport Revolutionz in Norwich (an incredible independent shop on Hall Road) teamed up with us and have been judging our snowboard designs! Watch this space for the winner... Have a look at the video below from manager Chris.



To bring our States of Matter learning unit to a close, we had a lesson to help us understand reversible and irreversible changes. We had great fun scrambling eggs and creating mini explosions in vinegar...

While learning about the lives of people in Ancient Greece, we discovered that people belonged to different social groups: Citizens, Non-Citizens (Women and children) Metics and Slaves.

We chose the role we wanted to play and made puppets of our characters. We then held a Court (or Dikasteria) where we discussed what life was like for Ancient Greeks.

We looked at a topographical map of Greece, and plotted the key cities of Ancient Greece.

Using an imagined island, we chose areas to build settlements based on physical features. We then talked about which human features could then affect the settlements.

We reminded ourselves of our previous learning, about where people settled in the United Kingdom. We then thought about why they chose the locations they did, based on physical features of the areas.

We have started building our islands, using cardboard, paper maché and collage. We have applied all our learning about rivers, mountains, plate tectonics and coastal features.

This week we learned about tectonic plates, using crackers and shaving foam to mimic the behaviour of the Earth's crust, and what happens at different plate boundaries.

We learned about contours, helping us understand rivers better and landforms for our islands.

We went outside and dug our own rivers, then labelled them with key vocabulary - meanders, banks, source, mouth and floodplain. 


Anglian water came to visit. We made our own 'sewage' and filtered it, then we learned all about where water comes from and how it is recycled and used in our homes and daily lives.

We measured out and made maps of islands from natural resources, to help us begin to understand scale.