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Over the past 7 months we have taken part in numerous activities together within calm. We have done these activities together with our calm friends, Mrs Matthews and Miss Groves. Now it’s your turn to show your family, Mums, Dads and carers what we have learnt. Here are some of the things we have done and you can do at home as part of your learn at home project.

Who am I? (get another person to put a post-it note on your forehead of either a character, food, an animal etc- you then have to ask questions with a yes or no reply from those who can see who you are).
Write down things that have made you proud
If I were a superhero I would be… my super power would be… my weakness would be…
Draw around hands/feet – you can write on these your qualities or things that have made you proud
Hand printing
Draw on one another’s back with your finger, it can be a number or a word and you have to guess what your partner has written on your back
Draw a self-portrait of yourself using a mirror
Draw a portrait of someone in your house- pay close attention to their features
Calm reading  (individually or in pairs, using voices, tone, facial expressions etc)
Relaxation time: stillness and quiet (with music), meditation, simple yoga, breathing exercises, calming story – YouTube is good for this
Emotions game- use your face to show different emotions and get your partner to guess your emotion or you can name an emotion and get others to show this emotion
Play a board game
Imaginary time: imagine you are in… what would you do… what would it look like… who would be there…. Etc
Draw or use creative materials to share something they like about themselves
Sit side by side with the child or young person. Ask them to draw your face on a piece of paper when their eyes are closed &Swap roles.
Have a special role in the house: e.g helping to cook, helping tidy/ clean.  Explain the specific qualities you have to why you are good for this role.
Explore fragrances, textures, tastes, sounds and sights of a range of different things
Decorate biscuitsemoji biscuits are a popular choice (how you are feeling on a biscuit)
Blowing bubbles – blow bubbles and ask if I were a bubble I would be… if I were a bubble I would go… If I were a bubble I would change ….


It would be lovely to see what you have done with your adults and family at home and shown them what Calm is all about. Pictures, drawings and items in your learning journey book would be a lovely way to show us.


Good luck on your calm journey at home.


Miss Groves & Mrs Matthews