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At Lakenham Primary School and Nursery, our aim is for pupils to gain skills and knowledge in information technology, achieve digital literacy and develop skills and knowledge in computer science, to enable our pupils to use technology with confidence and purpose. We want to equip pupils to use computational thinking and creativity that will enable them to become active, safe and responsible participants in the digital world. It is important to us that the children understand how to use the ever changing technology to express themselves, as tools for learning and to drive their generation forward. Our teaching of Computing is based on the National Curriculum, which places emphasis on the three fundamental areas of computing – computer science, digital thinking, and information technology.

  • To know about and understand computer science, how digital systems work and putting this knowledge to use through programming. They should also understand the progressive nature of programming.
  • From their understanding of computer science, pupils should build their knowledge of information technology and apply it to create programs, systems and a range of content.
  • Develop digital literacy. Learn how to use, express themselves and develop their ideas through information and communication technology.
  • To know about and understand internet safety; be ready, respectful and safe users of the internet. To understand the advantages and disadvantages associated with the online experience. To be aware of measures that can be taken to keep themselves and others safe online. 

Our aim at Lakenham Primary is to provide broad and deep computing knowledge alongside opportunities to apply a progression of skills in various digital contexts and enquiries.  We believe Computing is a fundamental part of modern life and it is our mission at Lakenham Primary to equip children with the skills and knowledge they need to be active, confident participants in a digital world.                             

Each year the children will develop their skills in both the practical and theoretical elements of Computing, experiencing the devices, programs and websites, as well as becoming fluent in the language of Computing and the effects that using these devices or programs can have on them and those around them.

We take part in local events to help enhance and embed our computing learning. You can see us taking part in the Social Hackathon here.

 Curriculum Coverage 

 Click on the image below to see the journey of computing at Lakenham.

Online Safety

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