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At Lakenham Primary School the curriculum is exciting, fun and imaginative. In 2018/19, an enquiry approach to learning started, so that the children can lead their learning. Walk through any of our classrooms and you can expect to find children engaged in thinking, questioning and learning. There are lessons where skills and facts are taught, but there is also time, where teachers are working alongside children to support them in their learning journey.

We promote personal and social development, encouraging the children to cooperate, know their own self-worth and show consideration and understanding towards others. Through active learning children are encouraged to develop the skills they need to move forward confidently to the next stage of their learning.

At Lakenham we believe that our curriculum should be

  • child centered, focusing on the needs and interests of children and building on what they know

  • reflect the community and the heritage of the children - ensuring that children understand that all cultures and identities matter 

  • taught in a relevant, meaningful and purposeful way

  • ambitious and challenging

  • delivered through rich and varied learning experiences

Our intention is that our curriculum will provide opportunities and experiences that will foster and inspire children to Enjoy, Achieve and Aspire and to be:

  • successful learners who enjoy learning, are curious, take risks and make progress and achieve

  • confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives

  • responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society

Enjoy what they are learning,

Achieve well in all curriculum areas, but also personally as a friend and a good citizen and

Aspire to be their best possible self, through understanding more about the world, about themselves and being and to understand the wide range of areas which they are capable of.

 We will endeavour to:

  • encourage parents to be active partners in their children's education

  • develop lively, enquiring minds fostered by increasingly independent learning

  • instil a desire to learn by identifying relevant targets, providing appropriate support and rewarding achievement

  • foster self-reliance and motivation

  • provide a safe and stimulating working environment

  • encourage children to act creatively and with imagination

  • develop the ability to work co-operatively 

  • encourage children to value the views of others and to argue dispassionately and rationally

  • support children to be active and live healthy lifestyles

  • develop an understanding of the past which will help them to live successfully in the present, and to plan intelligently for the future

Importance of Play