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Lakenham Primary and Nursery School




Design Technology Year 3

Worry Dolls...

Whilst reading their Recovery Curriculum text Ruby's Worry, the children developed a range of strategies to help them if they had a worry. One of these strategies was to speak to a worry doll to take your worries away.

We explored what worry dolls looked like and how they were made before planning, designing and making our own.


Ancient civilisation structures - making homes and shelters...

Whilst learning about the 4 Ancient civilisations - Shang Dynasty, Indus Valley, Ancient Sumer and Ancient Egyptians, that children researched and designed their own ancient homes and shelters.

They planned their designs looking at the shape they would need, how they would join their structures together and labelling any features their building would need.

As they were making, they reviewed the process to edit their designs to make them even better.


Stone Age - designing and making Stone Age clothing...



Step 1 - Exploring items of clothing to develop success criteria.

We decided to make a prototype first to practise our newly taught skills. We used a doll as our mannequin. 

This helped us to design our own items of clothing, by using our knowledge about what clothes need to have and what Stone Age clothing looked like.

Step 2 - measuring and cutting our material, using our design plans.


Step 3 - dyeing and creating the clothing pattern

Step 4 - sewing the front and back together.

Step 5 - Our reflections:

"I forgot to leave the hole for the arm, I sewed the whole side up - woops!" 

"I don't think I made the neck hole bigger enough, to get over the head."

Step 6 - Going bigger, life-size clothing

Now that we have practised the process and the skills needed, we are ready to make life-size clothing to fit ourselves.