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Lakenham Primary and Nursery School


Geography is a subject that the children love at Lakenham Primary, as it is taught using topics that include real-life situations for them to solve, including the flooding of East Anglia which Year 5 take up to a year to explore and solve. 

By learning skills such as following directions, map-reading and map-making, as well as understanding weather observations, surveys and data collection, geography can be a benefit to topic areas throughout the curriculum. 

Within Year 4, the children spend a year learning about Britain and what it means to be British. They learn through story and history, but most importantly through the geography of what and where important historical events took place.

The children in Year 2 learn about the world, with Antarctica being one of their topics.  

The children also learn further skills such as observation, the investigation of the quality of the environment in a locality, economic factors about the use of land, the impact of people, and studying rivers and their effect on the landscape. Children will develop their understanding of their role as citizens of the world.