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Lakenham Primary School has an experienced and committed Governing Body. They monitor the performance of the school, providing support to ensure that every child receives a quality education. They work in partnership with the Headteacher, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school. All Lakenham Primary School Governors are volunteers and include:

  • Parents elected by other parents at the school

  • Headteacher

  • A staff member elected by their colleagues

  • Members of the local community (co-op governors)

Our School Governance Statement:

The Governing Body actively promotes effective spiritual, moral, social and cultural development alongside inspiring teaching to provide a learning environment where pupils love to learn. The Governing Body of Lakenham Primary School has members who support the school in its strategic direction through acting as a ‘critical friend’. School Governors are members of the school’s Governing Body, they have responsibility for raising school standards through their three key roles of setting the strategic direction, ensuring accountability for financial spending and monitoring and evaluating school performance. Governors are the largest volunteer force in the country.

Who can become a school governor?

All types of people can become school governors. There are no special qualifications required, but you must be 18 or over on the date  when elected or appointed. Enthusiasm, commitment and an interest in education are the most important qualities. If you are a Parent Governor, you will not just be thinking about your own children but all the children and the longterm future of the school. However, to be a Governor, you do not need to have a child at the school or even know anyone in the school, just a desire to be involved with our school, to help it become the best it can be. All Governors are expected to have a clear DBS(Disclosure and Barring Service – this used to be known as a CRB, Criminal Records Bureau) before they become a school governor. The full Governing Body meet monthly (9 times per year). As strategic leaders, they ask the people who are undertaking the operational roles in school by they visiting to ask questions to review, challenge and evaluate different areas of the schools provision. to  Visits including:  Our Safeguarding governor, Isobel McCloy, who has been making sure the school meets all statutory and legal requirements for keeping children safe. 

  • Our Pupil Premium governor, Titus Adam, who has been making sure the schools additional funding is being well spent. 

  • Our Chair of Governors and Inclusion governor, Jane Merrett, who has been helping to ensure the school is meeting the needs of pupils with SEND

  • Our EYFS, Safeguarding and Vice Chair Isobel McCloy, who has met with staff in order to monitor workload and wellbeing.

  • Our Data Analysis and Maths governor, Anna Hogg, who has met with the Teaching and Learning leads in order to understand progress and attainment being made by the children throughout the school.

The partnership in practice – who does what?


Headteacher (HT)

Governing Body (GB)

Overall responsibilities

  • Runs the school on a daily basis 

  • Advises governors HT is the main influence on GB’s decisions

  • Determines the aims, ethos and priorities of the school 

  • Critical friend 

  • Delegates to the head the power to run the school

Funding and policy making

  • HT or senior leadership team (SLT) does the nitty-gritty work of formulating the plan 

  • Drafts the detailed action plans

  • Involved in planning discussions and decisions 

  • Agrees the final school improvement plan (SIP)Ratifies whole school policies


  •  Supplies the information and advice and produces the curriculum plan

  •  Determines curricular policy and agrees the curriculum plan. 


  • Draws up the initial staffing plan based on the school’s needs

  • Decides the complement of staff

  • Decides what proportion of the overall budget should be spent on staff


  • Manages the appointment process, e.g. draws up job descriptions, organises the day in school and timetable

  • Has responsibility for managing appointments of Headteacher

  • Should work within the agreed criteria 


  • Produces the budget headings

  • Manages the school’s spending and budget

  • Responsible for approving and monitoring the budget

  • Monitors the school’s financial management


  • Interprets the regulations for the governors

  • Manages the performance management of the staff and the progression up salary scales which at the point of appointment were agreed with the governors.

  • Determines salary levels for all members of staff  (at time of appointment with  advice from HT)

  • Determines salary level of Headteacher

  • Ratifies the statutory pay policy


  • Day to day management of staff.

  • Deals with personnel issues if issues occur.


Term Start

Term End

Foundation Governor Adam McBride



Staff Governor

  • Delores Jermy

Feb 2021

Feb 2025


  • Cassandra Williams

Sept 2018

Parent Governors

  • Isobel McCloy

  • Titus Adam
  • Tom Sandland


17 Oct 2018



17 Oct 2022


Co-Opted Governor

Anna Hogg

Olivia Sumpter


April 2021


April 2025 


Local authority Governors

Jane Merrett (Chair of Governors)

26 Jan 2018 26 Jan 2022
Associate Governor Paul Smith  Sept 2019  Sept 2023
  Peter Samain  Sept 2020 Sept 2024
Olivier Sumpter May 2020 May 2024

Kerry Read (Deputy Head)

Michael Roughsedge

Sept 2019 Sept 2023

Glen Scott


Mandie Miller

Chris Moore

 Meeting Register 

 Click here to see the Governors Code of Conduct

Click here to see the Register of Business Interests