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Lakenham Primary and Nursery School




Leadership opportunities - Children

We feel it is important for children to take leadership roles across the school to ensure that they can shine in areas that they are interested in. 

Some of our groups have started because children have asked for a group to start, including STARS. 

  • School captains and prefects
  • STARS - Standing Together Against Racism
    • This group of children work with our History Leader to look at the curriculum to ensure that it is diverse and fits with the diverse nature of the children in our school.
    • The children also take opportunities to ensure that everyone is seen as equal.
  • Eco Council
    • This group of children work with the Science Leaders and meet regularly. They are helping to keep the cost of energy down, but making sure the lights are off!
  • OPAL Champions
  • Librarians
    • There are a group of children who love reading and have supported the further development of the library.
  • Lakenham signers
    • A group of children learning sign language to help others and to teach their class. They work with our communication champions
  • School Council
    • This fantastic group of children work with one of our year 6 teachers to share areas the school can improve. They also support all interviews, as part of the interview team. They meet all candidates and ask them a range of very interesting questions. 
  • Young interpreters
    • Children apply to become part of the young interpreters group who help new children who join the school, who speak the same language as the new joiners. On different days of the year, the children welcome families into school using their own home languages. It is fantastic for the children to share and be proud of the number of languages some of the children speak. With approximately 40% of the children at school speaking a different language and over 40 languages spoken, we are proud of this group of children.