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Lakenham Primary and Nursery School


All children are given the opportunity to experience a wide variety of high-quality learning activities which include:

  • Performing and composing
  • Listening and appraising

This is achieved by playing and singing, performing with others, composing and arranging, listening to and appraising musical styles from a range of cultures; developing a sense of pitch, timbre, rhythm, tempo, and dynamics; developing ideas of notation; and using music as a means of self-expression and a source of pleasure.

For the last few years, including 2018/19 - children can have after school music lessons via Sistema provision. This includes an Orchestra on Thursday afternoons. The school currently is billed £28,500 for this provision. From January 2019, the school requested that all parents of children who are attending this provision, who are not disadvantaged pay, should pay £40/ half term or £6.50 for a 2 hour lesson. The school is still funding 60% of these after school music lessons until July 2019. Children who are entitled to Free School Meals have this provision for free.

The school leaders are passionate that all 270 children are able to experience learning a musical instrument in this much deeper way, instead of paying for the 40 children who are able to attend the after school club. The same amount of money would enable all to learn. So in 2019/2020 - all children in Years 3-6 will all learn a musical instrument.

Children are taken to live performances where possible, and performers come into school.