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Pastoral Support

At Lakenham Primary, we make sure we support the whole child. This means the pastoral care we have in place makes sure that the physical and emotional welfare of each child is understood. We look at what we need to put in place to ensure your child is safe, happy, involved and able to perform to their potential. That children are integration well with other pupils and where any problems are spotted, we put in place a package to support. Pastoral care relates to health, mental wellbeing and mindfulness.

Three-Tiered Continuum of Pastoral Support

As a school we consider a three-tiered continuum of support:

  • Tier 1 Universal Culture
  • Tier 2 Targeted
  • Tier 3 Intensive

This facilitates support where, when and who needs it. This whole school approach shapes, supports and recognises that family situations change and this can affect children. This whole school approach shapes support and recognises appropriate support for all children to understand routines, expectations, standards, relationships and values to be their best possible self.

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