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Lakenham Primary and Nursery School




Science Year 1


This enquiry saw the children explore the natural and man-made world around them and asked the question of how can we look after our world?

Through our science work, the children compared and organised materials in their homes. We found that the material we have the most of is plastic! 


The children then helped to plan an experiment called 'Rot or Not' to see which materials would decompose and which would need to be reused or recycled to help our world.



To compliment our water enquiry, we have been exploring what happens to different materials when water is added. The children were interested in why some materials would float in the water tray and some would sink. We followed their line of enquiry to establish a scientific experiment to see which materials would float and which materials would sink and why.

Everyday materials...



During our school day, the children are encouraged to choose their learning through a range of challenges and activities in one of our three continuous provision areas. In the Atrium we have a science lab set up for experiments with equipment, resources and lab coats. The children enjoy being biologists, chemists and physicists and working scientifically!