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Year 1 Home Learning - Autumn Term 2020
Unfortunately, from Thursday 19th November 2020 we all need to self-isolate and access learning from home. If your child has no symptoms of COVID-19 then they will be able to return to school on Monday 30th November 2020.
Teaching videos and lesson resources will be available to access on here and on Google Classroom. Paper copies will also be available for collection from the school office.
If you are not using Google Classroom, please bring all your work into school with you when you return on Monday 30th November 2020.
Mrs Hawthorne, Miss Pantry, Miss Ballett, Mrs Cawdery and Miss Dodd will be on the Year 1 Google Classroom all day to respond to any questions and to support your learning from home.
Miss Ballett and Miss Dodd will also be calling families to check that you are all able to access some form of home learning.
Thursday 19th and Friday 20th November 2020.


Have a look at the following verses of the poem we have been learning in school -

Bubbles in the bath do it

Puddles on the path do it

Grannies for a Laugh do it

Splish Splash Splosh


Dirty welly boots do it

Dainty little shoes do it

Drippy doggies do it too

Splish Splash Splosh


Can you remember the actions to the poem?
Can you write your own verse at home to make it even better?
If you can remember the one you did at school you can write that one and think about how to make it even better.
Did you include water words?
Is it exciting?
How would you perform it?


We have been looking at phase 2 and phase 3 sounds in phonics.
Can you read the following words ?

pet bed jam zip big hat miss duck

song shop chip zoo high hair clown

This game is a fun way to practice your phonics knowledge. 




This is the part whole model we use in school to support our maths.
If you can get on Google Classroom you can see a demonstration of how to use it in the maths on 20.11.20.
Please let us know if you need any support to access Google Classroom.

whole part part template-22syjrr | OK Math and Reading Lady

We are looking at subtraction in maths.
Can you use counters and a part whole model to find the answers to these problems?

If you don't have counters, you could make some out of paper, buttons, Lego bricks or even Cheerios!

10 – 7 = __

10 - __ = 9

__- 5 = 5

10 – 1 =__

10 – __ = 3

10 – 8 =__

10 - __ = 6



Have a look at the 'Get Set 4 PE' games that follow.
If you have no-one to challenge, time yourself to see how long it takes, do it again and try to beat your own time.
How quickly can you finish?

air hockey.pdf


6 in a row.pdf



Have a look at the science challenge sheet – what happens when you add a small amount of water to different materials? Can you record your results?

How does water change everyday materials?

What is the material?

      Wool      Metal      Fabric      Plastic      Wood       Paper


What do I think will happen?





What did happen?





Why do I think this happened?





We have done so much home learning, to stop this page getting too long we have moved some here.