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Year 2 Census

Year 2 were inspired by how important the Census in 2021 was. As the census only happens every 10 years, this was the first time that the children in the lower school had been included on it.

We learned that the Census is used by lots of organisations and many different people for a range of purposes. It is used by Government bodies, including the NHS to ensure that people have facilities they need in the areas that they live. It is also used by historians to find out about the past.

We used the Census as part of our New Beginnings Enquiry to help with the new beginnings we are developing in our KS1 garden.

We used History skills to research previous New Beginnings at our school, mathematical skills to gather data on what is needed in our KS1 Garden and Geographical skills to map out where this should all go. We then used IT skills to make a powerpoint presentation to summarise  what we had done.

 New Beginnings - A Class Census