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Learning Outside the Classroom

We believe that every young person should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development, whatever their age, ability or circumstances. At Lakenham learning can happen everywhere, from our Nature School area, atrium enquiry space and where possible educational visits.
Nature School & Growing

Atrium Enquiry space

Our curriculum  is linked so that all subjects such as history, geography, RE, Philosophy and DT lessons come alive for our learners. These subject areas are taught in blocks. We nurture our children’s social and emotional development, both within our PSHE lessons, and with our variety of extended learning trips. Children have many experiences beyond the school, such as going on residentials, to the theatre, visiting local attractions and Nature areas and taking part in activities at our local high schools.

The school has been awarded a Bronze Learning Outside the Classroom Mark for the quality and extensive nature of the activities offered to the children. Field trips and visits to places of educational interest are an integral part of our curriculum, as we believe children learn better through first hand experiences that extend and enhance their learning. All educational visits are planned in advance and are properly supervised, well organized and safe.  We want all children to understand the bigger world outside Lakenham and Norfolk.

While at Lakenham, children will experience visits to museums, local galleries, local nature areas, places of worship, the theatre (including puppet theatre), and restaurants to try food indigenous to other parts of the world.

The school does not have sufficient funds to fully subsidise outings, so we have to rely on voluntary contributions, and there may be cancellations if insufficient funds are raised. However, if your family income means that your children are entitled to the disadvantaged fund (Free School Meals), then there is available. 

Progression of Skills in Learning Outside The Classroom

Below is a link to the LOTC Skills Progression.

Progression of Skills in Learning Outside The Classroom

Intent, Implementation and Impact


  • To provide opportunities for curriculum enrichment through hands-on learning outdoors.
  • To give children the opportunity to exercise and interact with the outdoor environment to encourage healthy living and confidence.
  • To instil in children a love and wonder of nature.


  • Planning and running outdoor sessions which support what is being learnt in the classroom and/or cover parts of the curriculum for that group.  Risk Assessing environment and activity.  Having suitable clothing to ensure outdoor learning can occur in all weathers.
  • To encourage exposure to managed risk.  To set challenge at a level where children can succeed.
  • To be resilience and problem solving skills.
  • To guide and encourage children in learning about nature around them.  To foster respect for their environment.  To look at seasonal changes.


  • Children will become more confident and able in the classroom across all subjects.
  • Children are happier to approach challenge.  Children choose to play outside more often and are healthier both physically and mentally as a result.
  • Children develop into advocates for environmental issues.  They are more knowledgeable and enthusiastic about nature.


Year Groups

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