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Mathematics at Lakenham Primary & Nursery School

At Lakenham Primary & Nursery School, we endeavour to teach our children a rich and progressive curriculum and install a love of the subject. We believe that mathematics teaches us how to make sense of the world around us through developing a child's ability to calculate, to reason and to solve problems. In our school we want to help children to understand and appreciate the pattern in both number and geometry in their everyday lives in and out of school.

We encourage the children to develop these key and fundamental skills through their growing knowledge and understanding of the world. We want children to learn to appreciate the contribution made by many people to the development of mathematics in our ever-growing society.

What does Mathematics look and feel like at Lakenham Primary and Nursery School?

Teaching of mathematics follows the National Curriculum and reflects changes introduced in 2014 for Key Stages 1, 2 and EYFS.  The National Curriculum for primary mathematics has three aims that are at the heart of how we interpret the content of the Mathematics National Curriculum.

  • Conceptual Understanding

In developing children's skills through enhancing their factual, conceptual and procedural knowledge, we allow them to deepen their mathematical understanding and be able to apply what they know to help them to solve problems.


  • Fluency and Mathematical Reasoning

The progression and development of mental calculations and efficiency in strategies will provide children with the skills which will allow them to communicate and present their findings effectively using appropriate mathematical language.


  • Problem-Solving

At Lakenham Primary School, Mathematics is integral to all aspects of life and it is with this in mind that we endeavour to ensure that children develop self-confidence in their ability to approach a range of mathematical problems.

By providing opportunities to apply their mathematical skills in different contexts and across a range of subject areas, children will be able to work systematically to organise information, find patterns and ultimately solutions through independent and collaborative learning.

We have introduced a KS1 and KS2 problem solving strategy called Problem Solving, Steps to Success, which will guide pupils to engage with all types of problem solving through a methodical method. 

Problem Solving Steps to Success


Time Team and Data Team

Each class has a time and data area in their classroom as part of their mathematical learning and understanding.  These areas are linked to a range of National Curriculum objectives.  The teams will be participating in real life, purposeful tasks.  Everyone in the class will be part of the teams.


Each week, students from Year 2 through to 5 classes will complete either a time team task or a data team task.  We have used the reasoning and problem solving questions from White Rose as these compliment the national curriculum objectives.  The task will be completed during a Maths Meeting as a whole class and one representative will join other representatives from other classes to join the weekly meeting.  

The meeting will be a chance for students to discuss the problems their class solved with the Maths leader, prompting further discussion and deeping skills and conceptual knowledge. This will create the time and data team element where the children have an opportunity to collaborate with children from other year groups, share their ideas and have a ”maths voice.” 





What's Happening In Maths?

Times Tables Rock Star Launch Morning


Lakenham turned into a school full of rock stars when we had our 'TTRS' Launch Morning.  Students were given a range of fun, practical activities to help support their number fact knowledge. 

Learning multiplication facts are essential as they make a very large contribution to numeracy and underpin our Maths system like counting, number bonds and place value. 

To further support your child with their times tables, follow the links below for online links.  You can also ask your class teacher who can offer additional support and ideas. 

Helping your child with Maths at home


Maths Enrichment Day 2023.   

Maths Enrichment Morning

31st January 2023. A whole school Maths morning with a focus on reasoning, problem solving and fun!


On Tuesday 31st January, the whole school took part in a maths enrichment morning.  The focus of the morning was to engage in a range of practical, mathematical activities that encouraged reasoning and problem solving. We also wanted to inject fun and enjoyment into the morning and it certainly did not disappoint.  

Each year group had a theme for the day which were,

Nursery: Nursery Rhyme Numbers

Reception: Dinosaur Maths

Year 1: Titanic Adventures

Year 2: 365 Penguins!

Year 3: Hunters and Gatherers

Year 4: Maths Versus Beowulf

Year 5: Space Maths

Year 6: A Day at the Galapagos Islands

Everyone had a fun filled morning of amazing maths learning!




 Please click the buttons below to see the year group pages below for the Mathematics medium term plans. what each year group has been up to in mathematics



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