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What does our MFL curriculum look like?

At Lakenham, we want to increase our children’s knowledge of other languages and their confidence in communicating with others who speak a different language. We are a multicultural school, home to around 47 languages spoken by approximately 39% of children who have English as a second language. As such, it is important that our children are given opportunities to explore these.

Our MFL lessons focus mainly on French, however children are also exposed to other languages, not just within discrete lessons but also through their peers, other curriculum subjects and enquiry work. This year, each class has also chosen three others languages which will be briefly looked at during the course of the year – this will motivate them to learn even more languages and broaden their language skills further. These include Spanish, Ukrainian and even Japanese!

Children will learn how to communicate with each other in French, building from words and phrases to sentences and conversations, which include facts and opinions. They will practise and experiment with language through songs, rhymes and games. As their confidence grows, they will show what they have learned through simple conversations, role-plays and short performances with improved pronunciation and intonation. They will then learn how to read and write words and phrases in the language, before progressing to a series of sentences and then longer passages, using a bi-lingual dictionary to find new vocabulary and applying their knowledge of grammatical structures.

Our topics in MFL are mapped out to ensure progression of vocabulary and give them plenty of opportunities to build upon their grammatical knowledge. They will also be encouraged to make links with English and other known languages. Within these topics, they will be able to talk about themselves but will also learn about how children in other areas of the world live, including their cultures and traditions. 

By the end of their time at Lakenham, we want our children to be able to communicate with other people in French and be confident in exploring the languages and diversities of our community.



What do we teach in MFL?

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Whole school celebrations and events

In March, the school took part in Language and Culture Day with children 'flying' all across the world, visiting different countries including France, The Philippines, India, Czechia, Japan, Cambodia and Spain. During the day, they learned key phrases in the language and took part in activities to showcase the country and its culture. Children were able to participate in activities like cooking, dancing, art and guided tours of key landmarks which the children then documented in their own 'passport'. They all had a great day and were keen to share what they had learned with others.    

Languages and Culture Day

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