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The children at Lakenham are multicultural with up to 47 languages spoken by the approximately 35% of children who have English as a second language. 

MFL lessons focus on French which is taught in High School and is great for families when they go on holiday. However, children are also exposed to a range of languages in lessons, not just within discrete lessons but also through other curriculum subjects and Topic work. Through this, they will learn about how children in other areas of the world live, including their cultures and traditions. 

Children will learn how to communicate facts, opinions and feelings and explore the new language through activities, games, songs and rhymes. As their confidence grows, they will show what they have learned through simple conversations, role-plays and short performances. They will also learn how to write short, simple sentences in the language before progressing to longer passages, using a bi-lingual dictionary to find new vocabulary and applying their knowledge of grammatical structures. 



At Lakenham we use the online resource languagenut to help us learn French through activities and games. All KS2 children are able to access it online at home using computers, tablets and any device that connects to the internet.


 There are a range of online resources that you can use during and after lockdown to practice your French skills.

Online French resources and games:                                                                   






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